eBay Set Up Guide

A step by step guide to help you get set up and ready to sell.


Last Update 9 months ago

Want to skip ahead? Here's the start time for each section so that you can jump to find the information you need:

1:16 Update Information

1:38 Payment Settings

2:50 Connect Your Store

4:17 Map Your Shipping Services

6:21 Additional Settings

7:12 Selling Preferences Page on Ebay https://ebay.co.uk/uas/selling-pref

10:44 Source Products

12:21 My Products List

13:21 Listing Manager

15:19 Create a Pricing Rule

18:13 Listing Profile

23:29 Item Specifics

24:53 List Your Products

26:32 Listing Products Filter

26:48 Update Product Information

28:05 Map Your Product SKUs

29:40 Orders Dashboard

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